EPF UAN Name Correction online,How to update your Personal details in UAN?


As per the EPFO’s latest notifications, seeding of Aadhaar to your EPF UAN is mandatory to avail the online services like EPF transfer, online full EPF withdrawal or EPF advance withdrawal.

However, most of the EPF subscribers have been facing data mismatch issues (between EPF UAN data Vs Aadhaar data) while linking the two. In such a scenario, the EPF member (employee) has to get his/her personal data (like Name, Date of Birth or Gender) corrected in Aadhaar card (or) UAN interface.

If your data is correct in Aadhaar and you would like to get your EPF UAN name updated/changed, the current procedure is a bit lengthy one.

Currently, if an employee wants to correct his/her basic details against UAN, employee and employer are required to submit a joint-request to the concerned EPFO field office.

In order to reduce the paper work, the EPFO has now launched a new facility, where-in an employee can now submit an online request for EPF UAN name correction.EPFO latest notification on UAN EPF account name correction process online procedure pic

EPF UAN Name correction | New online procedure

Below is the new procedure to get your personal data against UAN corrected;

  • Kindly visit EPFO’s Unified Member Portal.
  • Login to UAN interface with your credentials.
  • Click on ‘Manage’ menu tab and then on ‘Modify Basic Details‘ link.Modify basic details personal data name date of birth gender in EPF account UAN interface pics
  • You can provide the correct details as per Aadhaar (System will verify the details entered with UIDAI- Aadhaar Data). If you have not not yet seeded your Aadhaar to UAN, can still provide it here. In this screen, you can correct your Name, Date of Birth or gender details. Click on ‘update details’.EPF UAN name correction request online as per Aadhaar Date of birth gender details update in EPF account
  • On clicking “Update Details” on previous screen, system will compare the requested changes with similar fields received from Aadhaar (UIDAI).
  • After successful verification, your request will be automatically submitted to your employer for further approval. Your employer will then have to transmit it to the EPFO field office online. The EPF staff will then process the requested corrections.
  • The EPF ‘Dealing Assistant’ can put the request either for Approval or Rejection by selecting the appropriate option, with proper remarks.
  • Until your employer submits it to the EPFO, you have the option to withdraw the request. You can access this option under : Manage -> Modify Basic Details -> Pending Requests -> Delete Request.delete name correction online request in UAN interface

If you have already verified your Aadhaar number in member portal (i.e., your personal data in Aadhaar matches against UAN data) then you can not edit/update Name, DoB & Gender details. In case, you try to edit your personal details, you will receive a message as ‘Aadhaar is already verified, your details are not editable.’EPF UAN Name Date of birth gender details correction update change not editable error aadhaar member portal


As of now, the EPFO has not yet provided any turn-around time for processing EPF UAN name correction requests. Also, as this is a new online facility, you may face some technical issues in submitting the online request(s).


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