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7 Reasons Why You Don't Feel Fit All The Time

In this hectic world, it is always too difficult to feel fit all the time. You are tiresome, over occupied with work which alters your daily routine and hush you don’t feel or look fit. But it is quite equally important to know the major reasons why you don’t look fit. So here speed medicine, a leading online pharmacy, brings you 7 reasons why you are not feeling fit all the time. Give this one a look!!


Long work hours and working late nights is really problematic and it is a serious thing. In your tiresome schedule, you find only night time for watching your favorite movie or serial or completing left over works or giving time to your hobbies. But this is not happening right as u need adequate sleep to rejuvenate your senses. Loss of sleep can make you not feeling fit all the time. So pay heed to this and hug your bed.


Water is the elixir of human life and yes you need to have it the most. This is quite serious even a reduction of 2% water can make you look dehydrated and you won’t be feeling well. It takes nothing to drink a glass of water, do this quite often.


If you don’t take enough iron, less oxygen travels to blood and tissues and this can make you look sluggish. This won’t make you feel fit and energetic. You should routinely include iron-rich foods in your diet. Yes, consider eating a banana, rich in iron and also regarded as a happy food.


If you have a habit of assuming, thinking so much, stop it as this is a great mental disease. U make an issue of every small thing, you are anxious, curious all the time. This will undoubtedly make you mentally diseased and you can’t feel fit. So sort this out, speak to a friend.


Breakfast refuels your senses. After dinner, your body consumes it whole night. So a good breakfast is necessary. Take it in huge quantity as it will last whole day and will make you feel fit and healthy.


Most of us go for alcohol in a hectic day. Yeah, it is sweet and momentarily helps us forget all our pains and takes you to another fancy world. But this disrupts your sleep cycle and this won’t make you feel fit


You are under mental depression if you are a perfectionist. Yes, you want things your own way and they are not turning out to be. In such cases, don’t get obsessed, chill and meet a psychiatrist who will make you feel fit.

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