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Heard about zomato delivery guy...

Heard about zomato delivery guy...

Please read below... He did it, but it ain't his fault completely!
He is the guy who was caught in camera eating from a home delivery food package.
Yes, he did wrong,
Yes, he has been shamed enough
But he was hungry and trying to save a few bucks, he ended losing his job!
Empathy and ethics don't work together.
Hunger is a sad reality. Instead of penalizing them, Zomato, Swiggy or Uber Eats should rethink their model.
1. These guys drive like crazy to reach in time. I have seen some bad accidents due to their hastiness. Shouldn't their safety and the safety of other drivers be taken care of?
2. Tipping isn't a very common Indian behaviour. And with these apps having online tips, you certainly don't know how much the guy receives.
I Always tip them in cash. Also, ask them for water. Be human!
3. The process of how food is collected and delivered is very shady.
4. Finally, all these delivery boys work in swiggy or zomato as their 2ndary jobs. They are extremely tired and hungry. They should be given coupons for free food. Especially after the specific number of deliveries.
3 nights ago, we ordered food thru swiggy at 11:45pm. It was delivered at 12.30am. The guy told me he had 2 more deliveries and then he would ride 25min to reach home. I asked him if he had eaten food.. he said will do it after reaching home.
We followed our rule.
We have this rule at home. If we order after 10:30pm, we give them a pack of biscuits and a small bottle of water. 20 rupees won't make you rich or poor... But for 1 night that guy might just not wait for another 2hrs to satisfy his hunger

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