Girls are the honour for their family:Nikita Sharma

Nikita Sharma: Gurugram
To write something on this topic is very unethical for me. I shocked when I checked the sex ratio of all over India. It’s 9.43:10. We don’t know how can we survive and drag our nation with this number. We all are responsible for this because everybody wants a baby boy to grow their kin or generation but we never thought that without girls how can this be possible? Female foeticide is the process of detecting sex of the foetus and kill it if it’s a baby girl.
To detect gender duration of pregnancy is a crime and to kill foetus into the womb is very shameful for us. We have to upgrade our thinking because female foeticide is very common in rural as well as urban areas. We have to educate our youngsters because female is that person in our family who drag our family tree. Without their (Female) community our whole future is unpredictable.
To detect the sex of foetus is nothing but just misuse of pre-natal technology. Doctors use this technology just to check the abnormality of unborn baby but unscrupulous medical practitioners are using this technology in an illegal way. They check the sex of the foetus and if that’s a girl then their parents have no qualms to abort it. It’s a very unethical shit of our society. Thinking of our society have been crossed all bearable levels, they thought girls are useless and they can never take decisions for themselves and they are liability or burden on their family but it’s not true.
The story doesn’t end on foeticide or infanticide. If PNT technique doesn’t work and that baby girl takes birth then their parents kill her and throw in dustbin or in the river because they think that she can’t forward their breed and they will have to pay her dowry while she will be married to someone. But we have to give the right of living to her, girls are very powerful and they manage everything on their own. To snatch their life on womb is a heinous crime.
It’s our patriarchal attitude that only male can bring forward heir line but nowadays things are changing, girls are working with men and give their 100% for growth of our economy. It’s a message to our coming generation that they should work without prejudices. Girls are the honour for their family, we must not think that they are a stigma on society.

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Unknown said…
Its very heart touching as well inspiring.