How To Practice For Driving License Written Test At Home

Learning to drive makes you feel independent. At the same time, it is obvious to feel nervous if you are a first-time driver. The process of acquiring the driving license and actually driving a vehicle can be slightly difficult for some of us. However, no test can be difficult if you are thoroughly prepared for it. Keep reading to know more.

How To Practice For Driving License Written Test At Home - Acko
What is Learning License?
As the name suggests, a learning license is issued to those who wish to learn how to drive a vehicle. The minimum age for applying for a driving license ranges from 16 to 18 years depending on the type of vehicle you wish to drive.

One needs to pass an online written test in order to get a learning license. After passing this test, you will be given time to learn to drive a vehicle. A duration of 30 days is considered to be sufficient for a person to learn driving. After 30 days, one can apply for the driving license. However, you need to pass a driving license test which will help the examiners to determine your driving skills.

The major limitation of driving on a learning license is that the driver needs to be accompanied by a driving license holder when driving a vehicle.

How to Prepare for Learning License Online Test?
To acquire a learning license, you need to have a thorough knowledge of traffic rules and regulations followed in India. This is because the online test consists of questions which will test your knowledge regarding this subject.

Preparing for learning license test involves understanding the meaning of various sign boards, knowing about the type of fines and penalties, etc. To pass a learning license exam you need to answer at least 12 questions out of 20 correctly.

Sample Online Learning Test Questions
Here are some sample questions for you to get an idea about the type of questions asked in an online test. We have highlighted the correct answer for your reference:

#1 The light of which color is allowed by law to illuminate the number plate of your vehicle?

#2 What should you do in low visibility due to heavy rains?

Constantly sound your horn
Drive with your hazard lights on at all times
Drive with headlights on in daylight
Drive faster than normal
#3 If you see a blinking red traffic light, what do you think it indicates you to do?

Slow down and proceed when safe
Stop and proceed when safe
Come to a stop immediately
Increase your speed
#4 You must give side to which traffic when you join a main road from the side?

Traffic coming from the right
Traffic coming from the left
No traffic, it must give way to you
All traffic
#5 In one-way lanes, what is not allowed?

Sound your horn
Make right turns
#6 What is the function of the handbrakes in a car?

Sharp turns
Protection against theft
#7 While parking your vehicle, you should make sure that there is at least how much space between your and other vehicles?

3 feet
6 inches
2 feet
12 inches
#8 What is the minimum age criterion if you wish to drive a commercial vehicle?

#9 What should you do if you are approaching a narrow bridge which can accommodate only one vehicle at a time and you see a vehicle approaching from the opposite side?

Speed up to cross first
Stop and let the other vehicle pass first
Sound your horn to stop the other vehicle crossing
Block the exit to stop the other vehicle crossing
#10 Private vehicles are not allowed to have a body paint of which color?

Olive green
Bright red
Dark blue
Metallic black
There is absolutely no need to feel disheartened even if you do not clear the online test. Multiple attempts are allowed. You can reappear for the exam until you get a thorough understanding of traffic rules and regulations.

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