Designer Pooja Motwani shared video about making face masks at home

Coronavirus: Designer Pooja Motwani shared video about making face masks at home

 Designer Pooja Motwani shared the video and explained how to make masks at home

 Due to Corona virus, there is a shortage of face masks in the market.  But you can easily make it at home if you want.  The worldwide increase in the number of coronavirus infections has led to a shortage of face masks and sanitizers.  Although the treatment of this disease has not been revealed so far, but the masks of this virus present in the air do not get inside through your breath, for this mask can prove to be effective.  Wearing masks is especially recommended for those who live in areas with large population.

 If you too are looking for a mask for yourself and you have not been able to find a mask due to shortage then you can make it at home too.  According to Pooja Motwani, International Makeup Artist and Fashion Designer, Volunteer of Raahat Aid Foundation , home-made masks are for those who want to wear masks but cannot afford them.  There are many ways you can make reusable masks at home.  Recently, Pooja Motwani shared a video on YouTube, in which she told how to make the mask at home & she is distributing hand made mask thru Raahat Aid Foundation to the needy people in delhi

(Masks are made at My workshop from organic fabric & pure cotton .They are reusable and washable .These are designed and Stiched under sanitised conditions )

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