The current coronavirus situation has been devastating in terms of health and life of people:Dietician Sheela Seharawat

Gurugram: As the COVID-19 virus sweeps across the whole world putting everyone from countries to societies and communities under immense pressure with strict lockdown measures, we all combat one of the biggest transformative challenges – the PANDEMIC.

In the past few decades modern science has made tremendous progress in making us aware of diseases, by making us understand how everything works around a disease and discovering unique and sure shot ways to slow it down or to end it. The current coronavirus situation has been devastating in terms of health and life of people, forcing cities to shut down (big or small) and even the entire country. The prevailing time is full of threat due to infection, disease and death to the entire human race. In a way, it has made us all think again the way we view health and wellness in the future.

No one knows how exactly we would be impacted or how bad things might get. Though all sectors of the economy have been adversely affected, people have started rethinking about their future health prospects and begun to show their keenness in health and wellness.

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines the term health as “a state of complete physical and mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease/s or infirmity”. But, in the present times, health is something more than it has been defined. It has a bigger and broader dimension – WELLNESS.

The term “Wellness” is more than being just free of any disease or illness. It is more of a conscious and self-evolving and self-directing process that has the full potential to change, grow and adapt. It is an active process of becoming aware and making the right choices to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. It relates to seeking care and maintaining a healthy body. Eating well, getting good sleep, exercising, and paying full attention to any signs of illnesses and seeking help if needed is all synonymous to wellness.

The pandemic has severely affected the two things – health and wellness. Henceforth, this has majorly impacted how people view the need to good health and wellness. More and more people have turned on to the wellness industry as the main source to stay fit, active and healthy in the future.
The pandemic has shown us the way we start considering health and wellness above anything else. Building immunity to stay healthy is the new mantra – a crucial shield against Covid-19, and other against diseases in the future.

“Jaan hai to jahaan hai”- Dietician Sheela Seharawat  If there’s life, then there’s the world.
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