Western Theater Command sandwiched between Laddak and Xinjiang Islamic movement

Western Theater Command sandwiched between Laddak and Xinjiang Islamic movement

Beijing has been suppressing Islamic extremism in Xinjiang province since last few decades .Galwan misadventure has overstretched WTC (western theater command) beyond sustainability. Concentration  of troops opposite Laddak may impart an opportunity to Islamic terrorism in Xinjiang province.
Many global strategist and analysts opined rise of East Turkmenistan Movement  will be a matter of growing concern for  Xi Jinping.

Reinforcement from other Commands
Taiwan has forced Beijing to concentrate  Eastern and Southern Theater Commands in South China Sea Region . Northern and Central Theater Commands are already committed  in East China Sea Region .
Reinforcement from any of the four Commands will lead to compromise  which will be exploited by other adversaries.

Western Socioeconomic Diversity
Long term deployment of PLA admist prevailing upsurge in TAR(Tibet Autonomous Region ) ,rising of  Islamic movements in Xinjiang province  will cause sustainability  problems to the Commanders of WTC .

2017 Doklam PLA misadventure
PLA faced serious challenges and were forced to withdraw their claims. Indian defense forces proved their mountain warfare capabilities .Since last three years Indian defense capabilities have improved. On the contrary the Command and Control of Xi Jinping has reduced owing to his expansionist ideology admist wanning economic.

International Support
Chinese aggressive  and expansionist ideology has isolated him from rest of the world. All weather friendly country like Russia have supported India.

Boycott China
Chinese economic is under extreme pressure ,boycotting its goods by  Indian will be  detrimental .

Rajnath visit to Moscow and Modi's visit to Leh has left no choice to Xi Jinping . Under prevailing circumstances PLA will be forced to withdraw from Laddak, now Beijing is only seeking a escape route.

Col Ravi Prakash Dahiya (Rtd)
Expert in Indo China Relationship Studies.

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