Absurdness between professional and personal life

 Absurdness  between professional and personal life

No matter how well you perform in your professional life , do you manage to do ‘that’ well in your personal life as well , Ahaan ? What is ‘that’ over here ? I know this must be baffling for most of the readers out there. ‘That’, here is your rishte with your significant ones. Are you able to sit without your new best friend ( phone yaar) with your family ? Are you able to spare free time of yours and spent minimum good 3 hours of your day with your family ,haan ?

Post lockdown’20 , people have been spending more than 3 hours with their family, however the challenging part is that, everyone is either super quite and skeptical of speaking his/ her heart out perhaps having no conversations or they are setting significant ways to resume back to work. And when that super good happens , umm, I mean  work, they miss their idle hours and conversations with their fellow friends and families. Sucha cognitive dissonance between thoughts, urgh, this human behaviour. It is imperative to realise a good balance between personal and professional life is of paramount importance, lest it creates a havoc and miserable consequence adding to instability and disturbance in mindset.

Based on interview with Kashish Pandey Psychologist

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