Swati Mehrotra: An Unconventional Entrepreneur

Swati Mehrotra: An Unconventional Entrepreneur


Swati Mehrotra refused to conform to the confines of traditional entrepreneurship when she started designing footwear in 2008, making her brand ‘Swatimodo’ one of the pioneers of bespoke footwear making in India. She has earned global recognition for herself and her brand with her unique concepts and community services. Swati has been working on making a difference, she promotes the traditional way of making footwear in the Indian handmade style instead of using machines, thereby providing more employment opportunities, but also inspects each finished product thoroughly to ensure perfection. Unlike most footwear designers, Swati also caters to people with foot problems who have a hard time getting their hands on shoes that are comfortable or fashionable.


After extensive research and practice, Swatimodo is one of the few designer labels that can make trendy and comfortable footwear for those who suffer from diabetes, bunions, polio, flat feet and fallen arches etc. She also makes shoes made from white line leather, which are biodegradable and reduce the carbon footprint of the products, this also helps people who are prone to getting foot allergies and calluses. In addition, she designs special shoes for women who are expecting. Women expecting children face a new problem with their feet every month as the tendency of the feet changes, hence, Swatimodo came up with this individualistic approach to provide comfort to expecting women from the bare. The shoes are customized every month to ensure that their feet are comfortable throughout their pregnancy.


Swati Mehrotra toiled uncompromisingly to bring her brand to where it is today. Swatimodo was launched on a mere investment of 25 thousand rupees, and it consisted of only two workers apart from the tireless founder, Swati Mehrotra, who worked persistently to expand her business. Swatimodo’s first studio was Swati’s drawing room which opened its door to the public as ‘The Raw Indian Studio of Swatimodo’. To ensure its authenticity, Swati herself would go to the streets to collect tree parts and barks to make the furniture as well as make Warli art on the walls made of cow dung. After the initial success, the journey was unstoppable.


Swati is also a humanitarian and has always tried to go out of her way to help those in need. She started a shoe making academy in Tihar Jail to teach the inmates the art of footwear making as well as to urge the society to accept them back because no one is born a criminal and they can better themselves. Swati also feels very strongly about the upliftment and empowerment of women. She recently supported the Acid Attack Survivors, a society run by Lakshmi, and also fights for gender equality under her umbrella ‘Walk India’. Her works for giving back to society are numerous and involve volunteering to make more comfortable shoes to kids suffering from Polio.


Swati Mehrotra, founder and face of Swatimodo, has been awarded by the President of India for her entrepreneurial skills and contribution to society. She also received the DadaSaheb Falke Award for her work. Moreover, Swati is the brand ambassador of Ghaziabad city and has worked tirelessly for the society. Swati also teaches in various colleges across India including Marwah Studios, Central Footwear Training Institute (Chennai), Manav Rachna, IIFT and FDDI.

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