How to conquer COVID -19 by Geha Dave

Hope can be a powerful force, especially in difficult times. Today, the world is facing the coronavirus crisis, a pandemic that has changed life for millions of people. In times like these, hope can be a powerful source of reassurance. Many who are locked at home, others who are working to help and prevent the virus, also need the reassurance and the hope that “we shall overcome this.”

I have start getting symptoms so get tested and found that I had contracted and now I am  recovered from COVID-19, many people sent best wishes messages or contacted me directly saying how happy they were that I was better, and asking what the course of the illness had been like.

So I thought it might be interesting to go through my own clinical experience, describing how I felt, what I did, what worked and didn't, and hopefully adding to the ever-expanding knowledge base we have about this terrible, crazy virus.

How to conquer COVID

If anyone shows any sign of fever, cold, cough,bodyache, smell and taste loss immediately *isolate* the person in a separate room irrespective of whether the test has been done or not. This is imp so that infection does not spread to other family members in case test is positive. 

Then depending on the condition u may decide to get the test done. 

1. When I have started getting symptoms like fever, cold and complete loss of smell first thing which I did was complete isolation and consulted my doctor for taking medical advice.

2. Doctors advised me to go for RT PCR test along with some important blood tests and prescribed medication for fever, cold and bodyache along with that asked to check my oxygen level (spo2) and body temperature.

3. When the test reports came positive I shared the same with my doctor. As per my reports doctor  suggested me Home Quarantine for 15 days.

Instructions and Medications(Home Hospitalisation/Quarantine):-

- Most important thing is you have to monitor your spo2 (Oxygen level) and share with your doctor.

( A tip - Share the oximeter reading on whatsapp with your doctor that ways there’s a record of your Oxygen level)

- Gargles thrice a day(Betadine or Salt)

- Steaming thrice a day

- Coconut water and fresh fruits 

- Vitamin C + Zinc tablets

- Multivitamin 

- Vitamin D

- Other Medicines ( prescribed by doctors)

- A light or liquid diet along withTurmeric milk in night

- Kadha once a day

- Tulsi arc 

- Breathing exercises (Pranayam),Stretching and meditate

- Maintain a daily routine, including showering and getting dressed.

- Take breaks from COVID-19 news, including social media.

- Eat healthy meals and stay hydrated.

- Exercise.

- Get plenty of sleep.

- Focus on enjoyable activities.

- Connect with others and share how you are feeling.

Caring for yourself can help you cope with stress. It will also help you be able to support your loved one's recovery

4. I was in complete isolation in my room .A tray(disposable) I kept outside my room for eatables.Thanks to my flatmates for the same.

5. I have used disposables but even those to be trashed in a garbage bag with proper sanitization. 

6. My flatmates also gone for RT PCR test and thankfully reports were negative.

7. I was using electric kettle so that I can warm water throughout and gargles.I have used separate steamer for taking steam thrice a day.

8. I used to clean my room with a disinfectant and clothes in hot water( Dettol).

9. Pranayam helped me a lot which I used to do twice a day for atleast an hour.(Breathing exercises are must)

10. Please do not think that if a week has gone by well with mild symptoms then all is well. The infection peaks from 7th day onwards at times. So quarantine and rest is very important.

11. Do not miss any medication and maintain your schedule during this period.

12. To stay positive i have diverted myself from this negativity and started sketching(will share my work), doodling, listening music, singing,bit of office work and reading motivational books. 

Stay away from news channels, Facebook and whatsapp discussion boards 

13. I have get retested myself on 15th day of corona and by god's grace reports are negative.

I want to thank my family and friends to keep me positive during this difficult time by making daily calls and sending positive messages.

Big thank you to my bestie Dr. Khushboo Saxena, Dr. Ravi Rathore( Big Brother)  for giving me all the medical advice along with positive hopes. Big salute to all the Corona Warriors 

Lastly huge thanks to my flatmates Neha and Nayana for helping me out during this difficult time. love u both


Do not break the quarantine protocol.... 

Take care everyone

My COVID 19 Journey #Merikalamse 

- Geha Dave

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