India's first International trans queen wins Empress Earth

 India's first Intl.trans queen wins Empress Earth.

New Delhi, Team Ajeybharat|

Naaz Joshi, not only a name , it's became a brand by her beauty and wining the title of Miss Universe Diversity and becomes India's First international Trans Beauty Queen with Six International crowns after a long struggle in her life. 

Now, she won Empress Earth Contest.

So firstly I would like to introduce Naaz Joshi?

Her name is Naaz Joshi, she is India's first transgender international beauty queen, a trans rights activist, and a motivational speaker. 

🇱🇸 lesotho.

Naaz joshi has bagged the title of Empress Earth. The contest was supposed to take place in Dubai on May 15th, but due to pandemic and restrictions on many countries flying to Dubai, the contest was held online and 14 countries participated in Empress Earth 2021, countries like Sri lanka, Peru, Mexico, Colombia were the front runners. 

Contestants were given tasks along with evening gown and National costume presentation on the digital meeting. 

For the final question, surprisingly what adeline castelino was asked the same question was asked to India. 

Do you feel that lockdown is the solution to the pandemic "? 

Joshi replied " No Just lockdown can decrease the number of patients it's also a duty of every human to take care of the safety measures by WHO and we queens should motivate others to stay calm and positive". 

Jury members included likamatso Makutle from lesotho who is the founder of Empress Earth, Mrs Rita Gangwani who is the pageant coach and Mr Prem Gada who is the official designer of the Signature crown of Empress Earth. 

Results were announced online. Where miss Empress Earth went to miss c Elina Sangtam and mrs Empress Earth went to mrs champa Roy.

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