why Gurugram citizens been abandoned by government to pay for their health in private hospitals?


Dr Sushil Gupta MP Rajyasabha saprabhari Haryana is asking Chief minister what is the health preparedness of Haryana keeping Dr Guleria's statement that third wave is coming in 6-8 weeks . India has only vaccinated 3.6% of its population with two doses and 15.6% with one dose. One dose is not enough protection to fight the side effects of the covid infection.

Vaccination for the 18-44 years age group is very slow and erratic, and this was the population that saw a lot of deaths in the second wave. The state government does not show any urgency to procure vaccines from centre nor vaccinate the vulnerable population at a war footing. It seems they are unwilling to learn from the past mistakes of Covid second wave.

Sushil Gupta also asked why Gurugram citizens been abandoned by government to pay for their health in private hospitals? Despite the covid pandemic Gurugram assembly has zero government health services after the civil hospital became dysfunctional since june 2018.

Advocate Ashok Verma head legal cell said Gurgaon civil hospital was closed 3 years back and staff sent to Polyclinic sector 31 and General Hospital sector 10. Both of these are in Badhshahpur assembly and no functional hospital is there in Gurugram assembly. Civil hospital building is still running the CT and MRI machines and tussle is on between the private lab and government as to who will pay for the shifting of the machinery. Only when this department shifts will the building be broken down and then construction started. It's noteworthy than 3 years after shutting the hospital services, construction has not even started. How many more years will the people have to wait for a functional hospital in Gurugram assembly?

 Dr Sarika Verma Spokesperson South Haryana said Gurugram city has 20 corporate hospitals and more than 100 private nursing homes. Free government healthcare is barely existent in the city and residents have to shell out a lot of money to pay for private healthcare. The government had started a 50 bedded Covid care facility in Manesar last April but it became dysfunctional by December 2020. The SGT medical college which was taken over by district administration during April- May second wave also lies in Badhshahpur assembly. 

 The state government should invest more in healthcare and start well equipped mohalla clinics in all colonies of Gurugram to provide basic health care, like in Delhi. Work should happen at rapid pace to create tertiary care medical centres instead of continually refering sick patients to Delhi or Rohtak. 

Mukesh Dagar District Gurgaon AAP convener said Gurgaon Medical College was announced 7 years back and no work has happened on this on the ground. Had this been a private project, work would have started many years ago. Why is Khattar government so casual about healthcare of Gurugram citizens? Gurugram city generates 60% of the revenue for the state of Haryana but the citizens of Gurugram get a raw deal in terms of health department facilities.

 News is trickling in that there has been a scam in purchasing  Patanjali's Coronil tablets. The price of this medicine was increased few days before the Haryana government placed an order for one lakh boxes of Coronil. There are two questions, when the drug council of india and ICMR have not recommended Coronil as a covid treatment why did state government spend crores of rupees purchasing it? And second, why was the price of product increased a week before this order was placed? It is important that chief minister order a judicial probe and identify who is responsible for this Coronil Scam of wasting crores of Rupees from taxpayers money.

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