Nigam should Reinstate Safai karamchari in Gurgaon- Aam Aadmi party

 Nigam should Reinstate Safai karamchari in Gurgaon- Aam Aadmi party

Despite promises that no one will lose their jobs in Covid lockdown, 700 contractual safai karamchari have lost their livelihood after Nigam changed contractors. These 700 men and women have served Gurgaon throughout the covid pandemic sweeping the streets, collecting garbage and transporting covid positive dead bodies during the horrific second wave.

Mukesh Dagar district incharge Aam Aadmi Party today met the safai karamcharis  at Pataudi road where they have been protesting for 5 days. He said we request the administration to take the list of 700 workers and reinstate all of them. Just because the contractor has changed these safai karamcharis should not lose their jobs. 

Dr.Sarika Verma, spokesperson Aam Aadmi Party South Haryana said it's unfortunate that despite being front line high risk workers not one of them have received even single dose of Covid Vaccination. The government seems to have washed it's hands off the poor people in the city.

Maleeha Alvi and Sushila Kataria from AAP women's wing said we stand with these people and will not let them be made scapegoats in the hands of the contractors. The contractors have to pay government fixed rates to all workers but by bringing fresh labour from peripheral towns they are trying to cut their cost and make money out of these contracts.

Mukesh Kaushik and Narender from Badshahpur assembly said unemployment has risen to unprecedented levels in the country. At this time if the Nigam contract workers lose their job they will not get work anywhere and their children will suffer. It is important that the Local administration takes this matter seriously and help reinstate all 700 of these workers.

The workers have given 48 hours to resolve the issue or they will intensify their protests and demand for reinstallation.

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