Save The Saviours - IMA demands Central Protection Act for Healthworkers

Gurugram ।Team Ajeybharat

There have been many episodes of violence against doctors in various parts of India. It has become the norm to blame doctors for death of patient and start raising hand on the nearest healthworker you can find. 

Dr Vandana Narula President IMA Gurugram today said we demand a ZERO TOLERANCE ON VIOLENCE AGAINST HEALTHWORKERS. 1500 doctors have died in Covid pandemic and it is now time for a Central Protection Act for Healthworkers so that anyone who attacks a doctor or breaks property in a hospital will be arrested under non bailable charges.

Doctors from IMA Gurugram wore black masks and white coats in leisure valley park this morning and created awareness about the situation of doctors in India. Dr Sarika Verma IMA Gurugram secretary said 88% doctors are afraid of violence at their workplace and every death becomes a cause of stress in the hospital. No one can ensure all patients will remain alive and it is important to understand that doctors are doing a very difficult job. There is no role for violence in a civilised society.

Dr.Karan Juneja national JDN President said we junior doctors have spent 15 months wearing PPE kits and working in Covid duty when even patients own family members would not look after their patients. Nurses, cleaners, technicians, ambulance workers and junior doctors looked after patients till their last breath. Whenever one doctor gets hit, it impacts the mental health of doctors all over the country.

Dr.NPS Verma President elect IMA Gurugram said many doctors are hesitant to make their children doctors because of fear of assault inside hospitals. This violence has gone on too long and has to end now.

Dr MP Jain former IMA Gurugram President, Dr Ajay Arora President National IAP, Dr Dinesh Hans, Dr Ramesh Goyal, Dr Pushpa Sethi,Dr Abhishek Goel, Dr Madanjeet Pasricha, Dr Jyoti Yadav and many senior doctors joined today's protest .

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