250 poor people vaccinated - Dr Sarika Verma

 250 poor people vaccinated - Dr Sarika Verma

 Camp organized in association with I Am Gurgaon and Medanta  in Sir Chhotu Ram Bhawan Jharsa

 Gurugram : Two hundred and fifty people were given free covid vaccine at Sir Chhotu Ram Bhawan in Jharsa today. This camp was organized by  Dr. Sarika Verma. I Am Gurgaon collected funds to procure the vaccine which was administered by team of Medanta Hospital.   Vaccine was given to the economically weaker section living in Prempuri and Jharsa village.

  112 Women and 138 Men over the age of 18 were given the first dose of Covishield Vaccine . Dr. Sarika Verma, ENT Surgeon and Social Activist said that IAmGurgaon has organised free Vaccination to several thousand people at Shri Ram School,DLF. We  wanted poor people  living in Prempuri Jharsa should also get this vaccine for free.

Dr. Sarika said that due to the efforts of DC Gurgaon and CMO Gurgaon, about 14 lakh people have already received the first dose in Gurgaon. Second wave of Covid-19 was very harsh on the youth and we should try to give two doses of vaccine to as many  people as possible to prevent mortalities.  AIIMS' Dr. Guleria has warned of the third wave to come in 6-8 weeks.

Covid Vaccination is very safe and people who have taken two doses are mostly protected from ICU admission or death due to Covid. It is very important to remember that even after getting the vaccine, one must wear a mask properly covering the nose and mouth. It is advisable to wear two masks in crowded areas Dr Sarika said.

In India, 27.6 crore (20.2%) people have received one dose and 5.8 crore (4.2%) people have received two doses. In the US, 15.6 crore (47.6%) people have received two doses of the vaccine.  Ones more than 70% population is vaccinated, the rest of the people become safe due to herd immunity. Wearing a mask properly and taking the vaccine are the only two life-saving measures to defeat Covid.

 Kaushik Chatterjee, Meenu Singh,Sachin Sharma, Manju Sankhla,Sushila Kataria ,Mukesh Dagar and Mukesh Kaushik gave their support to run the camp in a disciplined manner.

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