IMA Gurgaon and Rotary Club Gurgaon medical camp in Kirti Nagar

 -IMA Gurgaon and Rotary Club Gurgaon medical camp in Kirti Nagar

- More than 200 people got free ECG, Mammography, lung function and other diagnostic tests done.

Gurugram 26 September.

IMA Gurgaon and Rotary Club Gurgaon organised a diagnostic health camp for the people of Kirti Nagar in RMS school today. More than 200 people utilised the benefits of ECG, Mammography, lung function test, blood sugar, hemoglobin and bone densitometry. 14 specialists from different branches of modern medicine including ENT, Gynaecology, Orthopedics, Internal medicine and holistic medicine gave their time for community service.

Dr Vandana Narula President IMA Gurgaon said community medicine is very important for preventing lifestyle diseases and early detection of life threatening diseases. For people above 45 years regular ECG, Mammography, Bone densitometry are important to diagnose heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. These serious diseases when identified early can be treated completely and prevent untimely deaths.

Dr Sarika Verma Secretary IMA Gurgaon said we have seen today that post covid patients are having reduction in lung capacity. Many such patients were identified today and counseled for deep breathing exercises, Pranayama and regular physical activity to improve their lung function.

Rotary Club Gurgaon President Mr Hitesh Jain, Secretary Mr Manish,Dr. Pushpa Sethi, Dr.Savita Chopra and senior members of Rotary Club organised the state of the art mobile mammography bus which was used for screening women above 45 for breast cancer. 

Dr Abhijeet from Cytopot organised two portable ECG machines with online reporting for this camp. He has been doing free ECG camps in three states and is now serving the people of Gurgaon. Dr Karan Juneja National secretary junior doctors network, MBBS students from medical students network also volunteered for this camp.

IMA's senior doctors Dr KV Khanna, Dr Bhaarat Singh, Dr Pankaj Aggarwal, Dr Jyoti Yadav, Dr Vinita Yadav, Dr Prashant Bhardwaj, Dr NPS Verma, Dr Kiran Arora, Dr.Deepti Goyal gave their complimentary professional services to more than 200 patients today. 

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