Self treatment by physiotherepeutic modalities can be dangerous

Self treatment by physiotherepeutic modalities can be dangerous

Gurgaon ,9th September 21

Although physiotherapy is considered as a modern medical method, but 

In 800 Bc Susrutas (the great indian physcian ) first advocates breathing and exercises to treat patients.

According to WHO "Physiotherapists assess, plan and implement rehabilitative programs that improve or restore human motor functions, maximize movement ability, relieve pain syndromes, and treat or prevent physical challenges associated with injuries, diseases and other impairments.

 Physiotherapy is an effective way to avoid or deal with many diseases like mental stress, pain in knees, back or waist, without taking medicine or getting incisions . At present, most of the people are turning to physiotherapy to avoid the hassle of medicines, as it is not only less expensive but also without the risk or side effects Said *Dr.uday yadav a senior physiotherapist and president indian association of physiotherapists Haryana state on the occasion of *WORLD PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY*

 Dr.yadav also  said that it is important to mention that not only patients, but also healthy people can take the advice of a physiotherapist to stay fit. Physiotherapy has become very popular in the present time for effective and simple health solution. The reason for its popularity and trust is also that physiotherapy,   is done only by highly professional people. 

*Dr.Vinod kaushik* ,vice president  IAP Haryana added that apart from asthma , fracture ,post surgical , pregnant women,sports and neurological conditions 

,Physiotherapy is done in almost every major hospitals in the country at the same time, the practice of providing physiotherapy services to the elderly, patients and working people at home has also increased. Its special thing is that the physiotherapist gives personal attention to the patient .The practice of professionally supervised exercise programs has also increased the popularity of at-home physiotherapy services.

*Dr.Niti khurana* ,a sr.physiotherapist and state head IAPWC ,told for physiotherapy course, it is necessary to have a bio subject in 12th class,  and after passing the entrance exam, and working hard for four and a half years, bachelor degree is achieved  in which subjects like exercisetherapy ,electrotherapy, cardio, pharmacology, surgical condition, geriatrics, Gynecology, ENT are taught.

*Dr. Yadav* added Nowadays some people on their own without consulting physiotherapist buy cheap Chinese physiotherapy equipment with no calibration and efficacy and start treating themselves can be dangerous  and their life can also be lost .

Patients without having the expert knowledge if electrode placed near heart can interfere with heart rhytm and can leads to heart attack or heart failure.

In Pregnancy or in  cancer like diseases physiotherapy modalities have to be placed very carefully, otherwise it can be very dangerous.

Excessive intensity or incorrect electrode placement or wrong  application can cause burns in the skin, weakness in the nerves and may aggravate the disease instead of curing it. So , it is always advised that patients should not try to treat themselves without physiotherapist advice ,otherwise treatment may take longer time than usual.

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