Mohit Lalwani's wedding, an Indian Idol season 4 fame

Mohit Lalwani's wedding, an Indian Idol season 4 fame 

SheKoMohLiya wedding

It's happily ever after for Mohit Lalwani,a bollywood playback singer and Indian Idol season 4 fame. 

Mohit got engaged to Sheetal Khemani, recently in an intimate engagement ceremony in Delhi with all glitz and glamour followed by their wedding ceremony next day, 

wherein their close relatives and friends including few renowned personalities of the town attended their ceremony. 

Their celebration was filled with love, entertainment and romance. Mohit Lalwani specially made a song for her wife Sheetal Khemani on this special occasion which he sang for her live. 

This song will be released soon for everyone officially. And Sheetal stole everybody’s heart with her dance performance. 

The bride and groom were seen so regal and radiant in their respective ensembles.

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