Reading Good Books Expands Our Horizons

Reading Good Books Expands Our Horizons

Motivational books distribution, Gurugram,  

Delhi NCR.


Motivational books distribution or speeches create a positive and optimistic impact on your life. They boost your confidence and help in developing a positive outlook towards life. Books make you realize how powerful you can be in your life. Today Smt. Rashmi Rai 

-Founder & Director 

ॐTEAM  distributed 

Motivational books in Rao Ram Singh Public School, Sector 45, Gurugram-HR

ॐTEAM is filled with kindness, generosity, compassion, integrity, a willingness to be vulnerable.

A book is a medium for recording information in the form of writing or images, typically composed of many pages. Story help to develop a child's imagination by introducing new ideas into their world – ideas about fantastical worlds, other planets, different points in time and invented characters. It'll encourage the children to realise that they can, and should, imagine anything they want.

Gauri Rai, ॐTEAM shared that We all like stories because they are entertaining. They also have several other underlying benefits like developing language skills, creativity, thinking process etc. among children. Story telling was used traditionally to share and transfer knowledge, information, ideas, wisdom etc.

Benefits of Reading Books-

-Reading Makes You More Empathetic. -Reading is a way to escape your own life, and can take you to faraway lands, other times, and put you in other people's shoes. ... 

-Reading Keeps Your Brain Healthy. ... 

-Reading Reduces Stress. ... 

-Reading Helps You Sleep Better. ... 

-Reading Sets an Example for Kids.

Chairman Shri Jagdish Yadav , & Mrs Santosh Dhiman Principal, Rao Ram Singh Public school thanks to Smt Rashmi Rai madam & ॐTEAM for book distribution, Rao Ram Singh Public school

Sector 45 Gurugram -HR.

ॐ TEAM actively working in Women & Child- Health & Education society welfare. 

ॐTEAM always believes that Reading Good Books Expands Our Horizons. Your reading hobby expands your horizons like few other hobbies can do. Reading introduces you to new and different things to experience and enjoy. There are so many diverse subjects to read about that you can get new ideas on virtually any topic.

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