Shiv Aryan Producer of Sugarless starer Amber pruthvi has long way to go

 Shiv Aryan Producer of Sugarless starer Amber pruthvi has long way to go

Shiv Aryan who firmly established his feet in the Maya city of Mumbai and doing many things together has now become a producer of films. As a successful businessman, he has achieved his position in IT, Textile, Real Estate, Casino, Film Seller etc. But the most important thing to learn is that even when he was climbing the ladder of success as a businessman, he did not leave films. Taking time out from business, he did a few films as an actor, mainly Race 3 with Salman Khan, Striker with Siddharth Subharmanian, Bhuj with Ajay Devgan. He has also done a Marathi film Prema Chi Naate as a lead artist.

The list of upcoming films of Shiv Aryan is also very long. His upcoming films as an actor are Rajkumar Santoshi directed Bad Boy starring Mithun Chakraborty's son Nimoshi Chakraborty, Mobin Warsi directed Shubh Muhurat Lagan opposite Aayush Aryan as the lead. Kannada film 786 directed by Omprakash is a science fiction film. Apart from Shiv Aryan, the main cast in this is Pawan Surya, Ayush Aryan, Afsar Khan.

His company Black Panther Movies which is registered in London is with partner SUREKHA BHOIR ;VIJAY KUMAR going to become SINDH (Balwant Singh Bakhasar) under this banner. This film Koffee is going to be a big budget. His upcoming film as co-producer is Kot, starring Sanjay Mishra, Vivaan Shah, Naveen Prakash, Aayush Aryan. Shiv Aryan is also the producer of his another film The Lust with Sanjay Mishra.

He has also bought the rights for the remake of another big film under the banner of Black Panther Movies titled Sugarless. Its main cast is Amber Prithvi, Priyanka Theme, this film is directed by Shashidhar ji. Sugarless World Wide is a film to be released simultaneously everywhere. Shiv Aryan is a hardworking person along with being rich in many talents. Today Shiv Aryan has achieved the place where he is with his perseverance. Along with having an attractive personality, he also has a philanthropic heart. They celebrate festivals in their homes only by distributing clothes, sweets etc. to marginalized people during festivals. Who has also helped many budding talents to flourish.

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