beware of fraudesters , Don’t click on fake message links about disconnection of power supply - PC Meena

Power Utilities never ask for your bank details or OTP - Meena

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Gurugram, August 30 - Managing Director of  Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Sh. P.C. Meena has cautioned all electricity consumers against fake message links asking the consumers to pay their pending electricity bill by clicking on a link otherwise their power supply connection will be disconnected. He said that the Power Utilities never ask the consumer to click a link or fill any form for payment of pending electricity dues , neither does it ask for consumer’s bank account details. So, consumers should remain beware while making online payment of their electricity bills. He said that if any electricity consumer receives a message that 'Pay the electricity bill, else your electricity connection will be disconnected in a few hours' then be alert and do not click on the link provided for payment.

The Managing Director said that cyber fraudesters are adopting new ways every day to cheat the people. These days, cyber thugs are trying to deceive people in a new way as many consumers are getting a message on their mobile phone that ‘your electricity bill is due and your connection will be disconnected.’ Even the time of disconnection is mentioned in the message that the connection will be cut tonight along with the contact details.  Many consumers have informed the Power Utilities about  getting such messages. Some consumers smelled something fishy about the messages because no valid reason was given for disconnection. The Discom do not warn any consumer like this about disconnecting his or her electricity connection and never asks to contact at any number, Mr Meena asserted.

He said that if any electricity consumer has an outstanding bill and receives such  message, then he should be careful and should not click on the given unknown link. Such messages about disconnection of power supply are fake, so no consumer should share his or her’s bank, card details, OTP etc. with anyone.

Sh. Meena informed that as soon as the bill is generated, the Discom shares it with the consumer through email and also sends SMS on the registered mobile number. In addition to this, Discom sends messages about the outstanding bill before and after the last date of making payment. He said that in case of prepaid smart meters, the Discom provides alerts through notifications when the amount remains less. In these notifications, the account number of the consumer alongwith the outstanding amount is written and the consumer is requested to keep sufficient amount which can be checked on the DHBVN ‘Smart Meter App.’ He said that consumers are advised to visit the website- of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam to view their bills and for making online payments. All these messages are sent by the authorized ID -DHBVNL. He has advised the electricity consumers to contact their nearest electricity office or Power Utilities toll free number 1800-180-4334 in case of any doubt/query regarding their electricity bill.

He has advised the consumers to remain cautious against online frauds and said that even after observing safeguards, if any kind of cyber fraud happens with anyone due to any reason, then he or she need to contact the cyber crime helpline number 1930 and register a complaint on the cyber crime portal. Beware of cyber crimes, remain vigilant and make others aware about the precautions one need to take for safe online transactions, he added.

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