Gurgaon citizens protest Bilkis Bano rapists release -demand remission to be revoked

Gurgaon citizens protest Bilkis Bano rapists release -demand remission to be revoked

Gurgaon 28 August

More than hundred citizens of Gurgaon gathered in Leisure Valley parking area demanding the remission of Bilkis Bano rapists to be revoked and the 11 guilty men be sent back to jail. Carrying posters and raising slogans civil society citizens raised expressed their anguish that on one side PM Modi asked Indians to respect women and on the same day 11 rapists were not only released from jail they were garlanded and welcomed like heroes.

Dr Sarika Verma stated that every Indian woman deserves justice  irrespective of her caste, religion or social status. We cannot be a country that allows atrocities on women to be taken lightly. Criminals who have committed such heinous and hate crimes do not deserve to be released  into society.

Dr Parul Sharma stated other than the remission of rapists, we want Fast tracking for rape trials,easier way for reporting rape, and providing mental, physical and financial aid and  rehabilitation to rape victims.

Usha saroha said this kind of behaviour with rapists sends a signal to society that if you are from a certain political party or religion you can do any crime and get away with it. It is the duty of the judiciary and honorable Prime Minister to restore the faith of all Indians that the government and judiciary stand with citizens and not criminals.

Shilpi Singh, Veena Padmanabhan, Anuradha Prasad Dhawan, Advocate Nishant Verma, Sameera Satija , Sachin Sharma Manish Verma , Anshu, 

Nikait Arora, Hari Singh Chauhan, Paras Juneja, Sachin Garg, Nikhil Kalra, Pawan Yadav, Dheeraj Rao, Bharati Devi, Ramwati Savneet,Hari  and many other citizens joined this protest today.

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