Music Instructor ArMann Raaz Aaditya receives Doctorate from World Peace Institute of United Nations, United States of America

 Music Instructor ArMann Raaz Aaditya receives Doctorate from World Peace Institute of United Nations, United States of America

The Indian chapter of World Human Rights Protection Commission (WHRPC) organized by the British Council (UK), United Nations (USA) and other international organizations had taken place in New Delhi in which young Indian Musician ArMann Raaz Aaditya was awarded Excellency Doctorate for his outstanfing contribution in the field of Western and Classical Music. It is also noted that he is also awarded International membership of the organization and United Nations.

This award was been offered to Dr ArMann Raaz Aaditya for his continuous efforts for past so many years in the field of internationally music teaching. The programme was held in the India International Centre in Delhi where many noted personalities like Paulias (New Guinea), Christiana Boss (Chief Education Officer South Africa), Alfered Villi (Counselor of Trade USA), Jean (Counselor of Bukrano), Faiz Asif (Director of Indian Economic Corporation), Bhimbadar Pradhan (IAS Secretary-General), Willy Bitt (High commission of Kenya), Abhina KR. Hota (International Director of the World Human Rights Protection commission) were present.

He was provided with the Doctorate and Honorarium by the Chief Guest of the ceremony Abhina KR. Hota International Director WHRPC along with the organizing committee of WHRPC and other international Delegates.

"I feel really proud and happy for receiving the Doctorate Degree from the world human rights protection commission organized by British Council UK and United Nations USA, At this moment I feel of thanking my parents Mr. Pramod Goyal and Mrs. Hemlata Singhal  and also my friends those who supported me from the early days, without them this wouldn't be possible. Still, now it's a dream for many researchers to get this honor, so I dedicate this honour to all my fellow musicians and this award encouraging me to work more harder," said by Dr ArMann Raaz Aaditya.

It is also noted that he is the recipient of various national awards like the Bharat Gaurav Award, VidyaVachaspati Award, Hindi Bhushan award, Yuva Ratna Award etc for his continuous research n development works in his field.

Dr ArMann Raaz Aaditya is a Notable Musician and Writer. He received the Yuva Ratna & Bharat Gaurav award by Govt of India for his remarkable researches and works in his field. Later he completed researches in Hindi Literature n received VidyaVachaspati (Doctorate) by Vikramashila Hindi Vidyapeeth  - 2018. He is Author of book Meri Kalam Se, available on Amazon. Now Running his own Edtech Company named Believ AR Global and NGO also.

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