The more the govt tries to disrupt the Yatra, the more strongly it will move forward - Bhupinder Hooda

Hooda, angry with the government obstructing the Bharat Jodo Yatra, warns the govt 

Rahul Gandhi met 30 MSMEs in Faridabad to know their problems

In the last 8 years, the BJP government has ruined Faridabad, industries are migrating from here - Bhupinder Hooda

People of Haryana fed up with scams and corruption of the BJP government- Udaybhan

MP Deepender Hooda worked on many fronts to make the yatra successful

Since the yatra started, the BJP has started an all-out attack - Kanhaiya Kumar

Faridabad, 23 December. Bharat Jodo Yatra, led by Rahul Gandhi, entered Faridabad on the third day today via Ferozepur Jhirka, Nuh and Sohna. The crowds continue to swell as the Yatra marched forward and sespite all the government barriers and obstructions, even today a large number of people went with the yatra since morning and the roads were completely full of people. 

Apart from this, people were welcoming the Yatra from the roofs and windows of their houses on both sides of the entire Yatra route. The participation of a large number of people in Haryana broke all previous records. 

Bhupinder Singh Hooda, who was angry with the government for obstructing the Bharat Jodo Yatra, warned the government and said the more obstacles the BJP government will put in the Bharat Jodo Yatra, the more strongly this yatra will move forward. On the other hand, MP Deepender Hooda worked on many fronts to make the yatra successful in Haryana. He is not only walking step by step with Rahul Gandhi, as soon as the yatra starts in the morning, but when the yatra reaches its resting place, after seeing the arrangement for the rest of the Bharat Yatris, he starts preparing for the success of the yatra ahead. 

Deepender Hooda is seen taking stock of the preparations for the arrangements for food, accommodation, transport, medicine for the people participating in the Yatra, because he did not want to leave any stone unturned in extreme cold. Apart from this, he is also seen in constant contact with Congress leaders and workers for public participation in the yatra.

Today the yatra started from Kherli Lala and reached Sirohi, Alampur, Dhauj, Pakhal where there was halt for the day, after that starting from Pali Chowk, Chungi No. 17, Pulia No. 3, Dussehra Ground, B.K. Chowk, Neelam Chowk, Mathura Road and reached Badkhal Mode (Old Faridabad) where a huge public meeting was organised. 

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi met 30 MSMEs in Faridabad to know their problems. During this interaction, entrepreneurs told Rahul Gandhi that demonetisation broke the back of small industries, lakhs of people became unemployed and entrepreneurs had to face huge crisis. This is the reason that today there is huge unemployment in Haryana and the youth of the state are forced to struggle for employment.

Addressing the journalists, Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda said Faridabad is a historical land. During the freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi was first arrested in Palwal, which was then a part of Faridabad. “The Congress government made it an industrial and modern city. Many big projects were established here. We have connected Faridabad with Metro, but the BJP government has ruined Faridabad in the last 8 years. Far from bringing investment and big projects here, the government could not even repair the roads here. Today industries are migrating from here,” he said.

State Congress President Ch. Udaybhan said Bharat Jodo Yatra is a journey of common people. “A government of scams and corruption is running Haryana. With their policies, BJP-JJP has destroyed employment and job creation. Papers were leaked 32 times in Haryana, those taking bribes worth crores were caught red handed and scams took place in HPSC, HSSC. Law and order has completely come to a standstill here. People are coming in huge numbers even in this severe winter to join the yatra to get rid of this government. The people of Haryana, hit hard by inflation, corruption and unemployment, are constantly joining Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra,” he said. 

He said the situation in the country is deteriorating. “Religious frenzy is being created in the country. Haryana has the highest unemployment in the whole country, the main reason for this is demonetisation apart from vacant government posts. Due to which industries and businesses were destroyed, due to the closure of MSMEs, employment of lakhs of people was lost. Jobs were sold in HPSC, HSSC. Dozens of scams took place in Haryana. There is a lot of anger among the people towards the BJP government which can be seen in the form of crowd gathering in the yatra,” he said. 

Haryana Congress in-charge Shakti Singh Gohil said tomorrow Bharat Jodo Yatra will enter Delhi from Haryana which will reach Red Fort via Badarpur Border, Mohan Estate, New Friends Colony, Ashram Chowk, Hazrat Nizamuddin, India Gate Circle, Tilak Bridge, Delhi Gate. From here, Rahul Gandhi and other Bharat Yatris will pay their homage to great national leaders at like Raj Ghat, Veer Bhoomi, Shakti Sthal. After this, the yatra will start again from January 3, which will again enter Haryana after Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing the journalists on this occasion, Bharat Yatri Kanhaiya Kumar said that ever since the announcement of this yatra, the panicked BJP started an all-out attack. BJP has repeatedly started saying that India is already united, why has the Congress embarking on a Bharat Jodo Yatra. “We believe that the country is connected on the ground but it should also be connected emotionally. If the people of the country are divided on the basis of identity and made against each other by spreading hatred, then it is an attempt to break the country,” he said. 

Kanhaiya Kumar raised the question that when there is a recruitment scam in the country, are the hopes of the youth not shattered “When there is a fight with women, doesn't the spirit of the people break? This yatra is to connect the countrymen with their hearts, to give voice to their issues like inflation, unemployment. The purpose of this yatra is not election but emotion. We want the citizens of the country to join the yatra with their questions. The way this yatra started from Kanyakumari, in the same way it will reach Kashmir while moving ahead,” he said. 

He said that the BJP tried hard to ignore the Bharat Jodo Yatra but it could not do so. “This yatra is going on with the questions of the country. The recent reports show that the daily wage workers of the country are committing suicide. Unemployment, recruitment scams are breaking the dreams of the youth, so now along with the farmers, the youth are also forced to commit suicide,” he said. 

“Farmers, soldiers, laborers, women, businessmen, employees, every class is involved in this. This has become the Yatra of the country, that's why the BJP is getting nervous. The second attack was done by defaming the Yatra. Sometimes the issue of shoe, lace, T-shirt was raised. The third attack was done through the dirty trick department of BJP by making fake videos to defame the Yatra. Fourth attack- BJP doesn't have any problem till Rahul Gandhi goes to Gurudwara, Church, Mosques but as soon as he goes to the temple, the uneasiness increases in the BJP,” he said. 

During this, Faridabad NIT MLA Neeraj Sharma highlighted the problems of Faridabad and said Faridabad is a smart city but if it rains a little, military and police have to be called. “There has been a scam of Rs 200 crores in Faridabad and in the name of investigation, a cover-up is being done,” he said.

Neeraj Sharma took a jibe at the BJP's attempts to stop the yatra under the guise of Corona, and said cattle do not die because of the cursing of crows. “The yatra will continue. He told that blackout was done in Faridabad from 4 am today so that people could not reach for the yatra. But everyone saw that a large number of people joined the yatra. BJP's efforts to stop the yatra will not succeed and quoted a chaupai from the Ramayan to highlight his point.

Former Congress MLA from Palwal Karan Dalal said dirty water is coming in the Faridabad canal. “Despite making promises, the BJP government did nothing. Even drinking water is not available in Faridabad, people's health is deteriorating. Corruption is at its peak in Faridabad, there is no department where any work is done without paying money,” he said. 

Haryana Congress in-charge Shakti Singh Gohil, Leader of Opposition Ch. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, State Congress President Udaybhan, AICC communication in-charge Jairam Ramesh, media department chairman Pawan Khera, Bharat Yatri Kanhaiya Kumar, Faridabad NIT MLA Neeraj Sharma, Haryana Yatra in-charge Rao Dan Singh, MLA Aftab Ahmed, MLA Geeta Bhukkal, MLA BB Batra and all Congress MLAs, former MLAs, MPs, former MPs, office bearers of Haryana Congress, senior leaders and a large number of party workers were present.

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