Neurosurgeons at Paras Gurgaon perform reconstructive surgery, reshape skull of a 9-month-old baby suffering from Apert Syndrome

Neurosurgeons at Paras Gurgaon perform reconstructive surgery, reshape skull of a 9-month-old baby suffering from Apert Syndrome


• Apert syndrome is rare: happens to 1 in 65,000 to 200,000 births across the globe

• Face deformity included protrusion(bulge) of the jaw, protrusion of the eyeballs, increased distance between eyeballs, and regression of the maxilla

• His skull bones fused in the womb and did not grow, making him mentally retarded


Gurugram, 20th January, 2023: Doctors at Paras Hospitals, Gurugram were able to reconstruct the skull of a 9-month-old patient born with a rare Apert Syndrome. Dr. Sumit Sinha, Director , Spine and Neurosurgery Paras Hospitals along with his team were able to remodel the skull with the help of absorbable polymer plates. Although, the patient will need plastic surgery to reconstruct his face at 5 or 6 years of age.


Mohammed Nabeel, from Delhi, was born with the congenital disorder of Apert Syndrome. It is rare of the rarest condition and occurs when the baby is still in the womb, affecting the skull, face, and at times even toes and fingers. Nabeel’s first cry was just like other babies. Right after he was born, his condition was visible due to peculiar grotesque facial features and doctors at that time recommended the first surgery after 9 months. His father had faith that there is a bright future for this child and did not give up. The condition can affect his intelligence and make him mentally retarded but once treated completely he will have a normal life expectancy and will be just like any other child. This is the hope that made his parents go on.


Commenting on the situation, *Dr Sumit Sinha, Director , Spine and Neurosurgery*, Paras Hospitals said: “After assessing his rare condition, our team of neurosurgeons decided to first illustrate the remodelling and then preceding for the surgery ahead. The patient was admitted on 27th November 2022(visit date) and the surgery was conducted on November 29, 2022. When in the womb, the bones in his skull were fused with one another and that restricted the growth of his brain. He had a visibly small skull because of this, his brain did not develop other affecting him mentally and physically. The situation is rare, but what is rarer is the association of other things in the patient's body like fused fingers, all five fingers were fused in the child there are facial abnormalities like protrusion of the jaw protrusion of the eyeballs increased distance between the eyeballs and regression of the maxilla.” Post surgery, child has a normal-looking skull now and is currently recovering gradually to get along with routine activities that were affected due to limited brain growth. His next surgery will be to separate fingers of both hands after 1-2 years and to reconstruct his face when he turns 5-6 years of age according to the doctor.


“I and my wife were too excited when Nabeel was about to be born but right after understanding his condition we were shattered. It was not easy to make her and my parents understand that this can be made right but thanks to doctors at Paras Hospitals. I am grateful and blessed to visit in time and get the surgery done. I hope Nabeel plays with other kids soon and we don’t have to keep him isolated to save him from the judgemental looks of people,” says Mohd. Shauqat Ali, father of the patient


Pre-natal tests are recommended to every parent to understand if any complication to the baby. 1st pre-natal test has to be done before 20 weeks of pregnancy and 2nd after the 28th week. If the condition is detected termination of pregnancy can save a lot of issues in the future, if done in time. Mothers should take care of their diet during pregnancy. The inclusion of foods with folic acid and essential vitamins is a must.

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