RAHUL DAKSH Casted for upcoming movie PREM DHARAM

Rahul Daksh is an Indian actor who was born on 13 February 2001 in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. He started his acting career in 2016 with talent hunt show Initially, then he came to Lucknow from his hometown from Banda to learn acting, and also do theater for 1 years In which he did Many plays and then came to Mumbai in 2022, and then He continues of doing theatres for 1 year,tried audition in various projects, after giving audition he never got any calls. And then turning point came in his life when he met renowned celebrity casting director Ranveer Wadhwani.

And as a casting director he figured out the talent and gave him a chance in  upcoming Movie for a good character in Sanjiv Triguyant's upcoming movie "Prem Dharm" which is produced by "Om Sai Production" and Movie will be direct by "Sanjiv Triguyant" Which will be complete package of Entertainment for all age group of audiance.Ranveer wadhwani and his team are  really good at their job.

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