Vinod Numberdar in his oppress conference has questioned about the legality of the project and about the ownership of the project

 Vinod Numberdar in his oppress conference has questioned about the legality of the project and about the ownership of the project,  

My first submission is that he is not a samaj sevi. There are plenty of cases against him to prove which I have shared in the folder being given to u however my personal experience with him has been of one where he is someone who looks for his personal gain and has no remorse in hurting another person. In fact he likes when others are in pain. 

We know him for quiet a number of years now and have been fighting a fight against him with much suffering. While he has badmouthed the project, he has hidden important information on his involvement in the project.  VLPL was formed in March 12 with LDF and Venetian as partner companies. In October 12 Venetian in their company sold & transferred some 40 % shares to Vinod which had nothing to do with us. When the times were tough somewhere in October 2015, he sold the same to his partners or those he bought it from as well and exited. He later started complaining about wrong doing, etc. and on several occasions such complaints  were closed. In 2020 He was successful to get an FIR against us and his partners in collusion with some officers and targeted the project. One of our partners got arrested and was in police and judicial custody for 28 dyas. Harassment, black mailing during that time cannot be described. Post reinvestigation grave charges were dropped and 2 of our names were removed from the complaint only One of our partner and Director’ name remains in the complaint for which quashing has been accepted at the court. .. Recently he has put complaints in 37 different Govt departments.  The project is not ours, it belongs to the customers and should be handed over. Last he said ki sab kuch mitti main milaa doongaa. He has gotten hold of our customers list and he has been calling and misleading them. A lot of fear has spread amongst the customers. Our project has a valid license and was shared today.

Jawahar Yadav’ involvement- Our Meeting with Jawahar Yadav happened due to Numberdar, he went to him to complaint against us, post going through documents Jawahar ji felt that we are being harassed. U Can check up the phone locations, who went first to him. I never met him before, no link or connection whatsoever. I only went to him when our file got stuck due to the complaint by Vinod. His accusation that Jawahar Yadav is the owner of the project is baseless.  I am extremely thankful that Jawahar ji was kind enough to listen to us and assist us but also sorry if this is the reason for his allegation.  

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