CEO GMDA chaired the 63rd CPC Meeting of the Authority

CEO GMDA chaired the 63rd CPC Meeting of the Authority

- Issues directives to undertake proper planning of green belts and pathways for non-motorised transport

- Directs removal of unauthorized encroachments from green belts

- Monitoring of illegal dumping of waste and C&D waste to be undertaken

- Survey to be carried out to detect the discharge of untreated sewage into drains

Gurugram, 20 June 2023: The 63rd Core Planning Cell Meeting of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) was held under the chairmanship of Shri P.C. Meena, Chief Executive Officer, GMDA today. 

The infra 1 division submitted that the special repair of the master sector dividing road between Sector 37C/9B is in progress to improve the ridership quality for commuters on this stretch. Work on construction of drain and footpath is also underway and complete scope of work is expected to be completed by the end of August. It was also submitted that the DPR for construction of the 800-meter master road and road side drain of sector 70A (outer), Gurugram has been prepared and the tendering process will soon be underway. CEO GMDA directed that proper planning for laying of master services and utilities that may be required in the future be carried out. Provision of cycle tracks and any other essential services must be included in the master planning.  

CEO GMDA also reviewed the status of the ongoing strengthening and upgradation work of Rampura-Pataudi project wherein construction of 6-lane carriageway, service roads, cycling track, footpaths are being undertaken by GMDA to develop this complete cross-section. CEO GMDA directed the Urban Environment Division to also chart the plan for proper landscaping and green belt development on this important junction. 

CEO GMDA outlined that proper landscaping and holistic planning must be done for the development of green belts and maximum walkways in the city and inputs from experts and citizens be incorporated. A conceptual plan for every sector must be made and specific species of plants/trees species be identified which would be most suitable for specific locations based on their orientation. He also outlined that pathways for pedestrians and cyclist must be included in the development plan to provide adequate infrastructure to non-motorised transport in the city. He also added that to curb repeated encroachments of green belts, fencing must be carried out along the green belts and emphasized that a joint exercise be carried out by GMDA, MCG & HSVP officials to remove unauthorized constructions along the green belts. 

The infra 2 division submitted that the tendering process has been initiated for providing and laying of recycle water pipeline from MDI Chowk to Sanath Road and Tau Devi Lal Park in sector 23A. CEO GMDA directed that use of treated waste water must be highly encouraged and treated water be made accessible to the citizens at large. Flow meters must be installed at all the recycled water pipelines which must be linked with the ICCC in GMDA to gauge the consumption of treated water in the city. 

To address the frequently raised issue of illegal waste and C&D dumping at various locations in the city, CEO GMDA outlined that MCG must increase its vigilance towards such activities. He also added that the Gurugram Police Team may be authorized to challan and confiscate those vehicles which are found to be dumping the waste in non-designated spaces. 

CEO GMDA also issued special instructions that untreated sewerage must not be permitted to flow into the master storm water drain network of the city and into Leg 1, Leg 2 and Leg 3. In this regard, any untreated sewerage from MCG pipeline may be identified and escalated to the concerned team. He also added that micro STPs may be constructed at various such critical points to treat the local sewage and only once its treated, it may be discharged into the drains. He directed that officials from GMDA, MCG and Pollution Control Board may carry a joint survey to identify such drains where illegal sewer connections have been made to ensure complete sanitization of drains. He also added that in drain desilting projects, the excavated silt may be removed from the site on priority by the agency to ensure the debris does not flow back into the drains during the monsoon season. 

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