Fire Safety Tanning at Rotary Blood Centre Gurugram by Fire Department Gurugram


A comprehensive Fire Safety Training and Mock Drill was conducted at Rotary Blood Centre Gurugram by the Fire Department Gurugram on 17th June 2023.

 Mr. Birbal Sharma (Govt. Consultant Adviser Officer), Mr.  Madan Singh Chauhan (AFSO Training Centre Haryana, Manesar & Gurugram), Mr. Rajesh Kumar (AFSO Sector29), Mr. Sunil (Fireman) and Mr. Kuldeep (Fireman) conducted the mock drill with detailed description of the Fire Safety Practices and the precautions to be taken so that no Fire Accident takes place at Rotary Blood Centre Gurugram.

 The Team inspected different areas of whole Centre including the Blood Centre, Thalassemia Centre, Dialysis Centre and Path Lab. They also inspected the electricity related equipment at the Centre including the DHBVN Transformer, Meter Room and Servo Stabilizer Panel Area. 

The Team gave its expert advice regarding the emergency measures to be taken if a fire breaks down at the Centre. They explained about the ABC Powder Type and the CO2 Gas Type of Fire Extinguishers including the indications of their usage in various types of fires. They demonstrated how to operate both the types of Fire Extinguishers.

A Live Drill was carried out to demonstrate how to extinguish a LPG Cylinder fire.

The training was attended by all the Staff members of the Centre. 

Rtn. R. M. Bhardwaj, Former Chief Fire Officer Gurugram, presided over the training session. 

Rtn. Dr. Mukesh Sharma, President and Rtn. Munish Khullar, Vice President, Rotary Club of Gurgaon South City Community Services Society (the Parent Society of Rotary Blood Centre Gurugram) graced the occasion with their inspirational guidance regarding Fire Safety Practices at the Centre.

The visiting Fire Department team was presented mementos on behalf of the Management, Rotary Blood Centre, as a token of gratitude towards their noble gesture of sparing their valuable time to guide the staff and management regarding Fire Safety Practices at the Centre.   

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