Shri P.C. Meena, Chief Executive Officer of GMDA chaired the 64th Core Planning Cell Meeting

Shri P.C. Meena, Chief Executive Officer of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority chaired the 64th Core Planning Cell Meeting

-The Infra 1 team submitted that by adopting Jet Patcher Technology for repair of potholes, patch work on the city roads can be undertaken in any season and the compaction offered by these jet pactcher machines is better as compared to regular patch work being undertaken. Additionally, this technology can also be used in emergency on need basis. CEO GMDA approved the proposal and directed that jet patchers can be used if they offer better durability of the patch work and causes less inconvenience to citizens when the work is being carried out. The machines may be used to meet out the requirement of patch work to be taken up by GMDA especially in special conditions such as during monsoon and in the instances when road repair works are banned due to high air pollution levels. The technique does not require any wide machinery or equipment which curbs the need to close traffic or vehicular movement when repair of potholes is being undertaken.  

-The proposal for providing 24x7 water supply in Gurugram was also discussed in the meeting today and CEO GMDA outlined that both GMDA and MCG are to take forward the project cohesively. The provision of 24x7 water supply will provide relief to citizens as well reduce the practice of storage/hoarding of water in which would also invariably lead to saving of water. A detailed proposal will be discussed with GMDA and MCG officials for this project. 

-The Infra 2 team submitted that the desilting of 1800 mm dia master sewer line by high power super sucker machine along sector dividing road sec - 47/50, has been completed. The officers also added that the desilting of sewer lines along Mayfield Gardens complete by GMDA will result in reduced waterlogging this monsoon on this stretch. 

-For monitoring of decreasing underground water levels, up to 25 automatic piezometers will be installed by GMDA in the GMDA area. These piezometers will be connected with the ICCC in GMDA for mapping the data pertaining to the underground water table levels and its depletion, if any. The required mapping of the locations where the piezometers will be installed will be undertaken with GIS Division of GMDA. Shri P.C. Meena outlined that technical inputs and details may be sought from the Hydrology department in this regard. 

CEO GMDA further directed that MCG officers will submit a report of all the rain harvesting pits in their zones and to gauge their efficacy during the monsoon seaso

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