Haryana Chief Secretary Directs Officials to Upgrade Facilities in IMT Manesar

 Haryana Chief Secretary Directs Officials to Upgrade Facilities in IMT Manesar

Gurugram September 20: Haryana Chief Secretary, Mr.  Sanjeev Kaushal directed the Municipal Commissioner, Manesar (Gurugram) to prepare an action plan to upgrade the basic facilities in the Industrial Model Town (IMT) Manesar area. Mr. Kaushal also instructed the Municipal Commissioner to incorporate valuable suggestions provided by the residents and the IMT Manesar Association in the plan.

The Chief Secretary led a meeting with the delegation from the IMT Manesar Association today to deliberate on ways to enhance the facilities in IMT area.

Mr. Kaushal lauded the commendable development efforts carried out by HSIIDC in enhancing the green belt along the major roads within the IMT area. He emphasized the need to extend this green belt development to the internal roads of the IMT sector, similar to the major thoroughfares. Furthermore, he urged industrialists to collaborate with the Municipal Corporation to actively maintain the green belt in front of their respective plots.

Additionally, the Chief Secretary said that the name of the institution responsible for maintaining a particular green belt should be prominently displayed. He also directed HSIDC officials to produce a comprehensive video showcasing all the development initiatives undertaken in the green belt across the IMT area, ensuring that the contributions of the IMT sector are prominently featured in the video.

Mr. Kaushal also directed the officials to formulate comprehensive action plans for the improvement of essential amenities such as roads, street lighting, waste management, and the traffic system in industrial areas. He emphasized that IMT Manesar plays a vital role in the economic development of Haryana, especially Gurugram, the most significant district.

Following an in-depth discussion with the delegation members, the Chief Secretary directed the officers to prioritize and quickly address the problems of the industrial units in the area. He also urged the Municipal Commissioner to meet regularly with Association officials to address their concerns promptly. Stressing the importance of keeping them informed of project progress, he also encouraged their participation in advancing these initiatives.

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