CEO GMDA Chaired the 65th Core Planning Cell Meeting of the Authority

 CEO GMDA Chaired the 65th Core Planning Cell Meeting of the Authority

- Directions to improve road infrastructure by incorporating best road safety and traffic management practices were issued

- Approved various drain and sewer desilting works to be taken up by GMDA

- Innovative techniques to be explored for improving green cover in the city

Gurugram, 4 October: Shri P.C. Meena, Chief Executive Officer of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) yesterday evening chaired the 65th Core Planning Meeting of the Authority and discussed various ongoing and upcoming works. 

The Infra 1 Division submitted that the works for strengthening of master road dividing sectors 58/59, sector 59/60/61 as well as upgradation of main carriageway of master road dividing sector 60/61 to dividing road of sector 66/67 are in progress and nearing completion. CEO GMDA directed that all necessary road safety features such as providing lane markings, installation of solar cat eyes, reflectors, delineators, zebra crossings, etc, must also be taken up on all these newly developed roads. The best practices and measures to improve traffic management in the city are to be incorporated in all road infrastructure development projects of GMDA. He also outlined that regular maintenance and overlays of the city roads must be done to provide better ridership quality and commuting experience to citizens. 

The GMDA Chief further added that to facilitate pedestrian movement in Gurugram, construction of footpaths must also be taken up where the road related scope of work has been completed. He directed the team to ensure that the existing footpaths are cleared of any encroachments and repair work of any broken footpaths must be carried out timely to ensure that these walkways are of public utility. 

The Infra 2 division submitted proposals for cleaning and desilting of various drains using high power super sucker machines. These include the various portions of the master storm water Leg-II drain of approximately 13 KM length. Additionally, the proposal work of desilting of surface drain along sector dividing roads between sector-9/9A, 4/3A, 5/3, 22/23A, 13/14, 21/22, 22/23 and 23/23A was also submitted in the meeting. All the desilting works were approved by CEO GMDA. 

The proposal for desilting of master sewer lines of size 900mm & 1200mm dia by high power super sucker machine with CCTV survey along dividing road of Sec – 65/66 & 66/67, Gurugram was also approved in the CPC meeting. 

The Infra 2 team outlined that the work of renovation and augmentation of approximately 1.5 KM master storm water drain Leg-I from Rezang La Chowk to Railway Culvert no. 47, Palam Vihar, Gurugram is in progress. CEO GMDA directed that well designed walkways may be constructed on these drains once the drainage work is completed for added utility and public benefit. 

In the meeting Shri P.C.Meena also emphasized that any sewer connection made with the storm water drains must be disconnected and the sewage discharge must be properly channelized towards the sewerage network. 

He further directed the Urban Environment division to ensure that proper plantation and maintenance of central verges and kerbs are undertaken to improve the aesthetics of the city roads. He said that teams must ensure that horticulture waste left behind from pruning and trimming of trees is cleared without delay. He also added that innovative and long-lasting techniques be explored to enhance the green belts and plantation initiatives being taken up in city. 

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