Empowering women entrepreneurs, SHE Founders Launchpad returns for its second edition

Empowering women entrepreneurs, SHE Founders Launchpad returns for its second edition, focus on harnessing the “Founders mindset for growth” and “incubation opportunities for early stage businesses”.

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SHE Founders, a leading advocate for women's entrepreneurship, conducted its second event, SHE Founders Launchpad 2.0, on 24th April at Etherea coworking, Noida. 

She Founders is a revolutionary platform and mobile application, designed to empower and connect women entrepreneurs, providing them with a supportive and collaborative community to thrive in their business journey.

With a mission to foster a supportive ecosystem for women in business, SHE Founders Launchpad 2.0 brought together established female entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors and mentors for a day of inspiration, education and networking.

With over 50 SHE Founders in attendance, the gathering was filled with inspiring stories as they shared their entrepreneurial journeys, fostering a strong spirit of empowerment and collaboration.

At the helm of this visionary initiative are Rakhee Singal, a distinguished professional in the startup ecosystem and founder of Easyknowledge, and Shivani Singh, an experienced media professional (25 years with Star TV, ESPN, Discovery network), startup mentor, and strategic advisor. Their diverse backgrounds, insights, and expertise complement each other and their shared passion for supporting women entrepreneurs, culminated in the birth of SHE Founders.

“We are excited to host the She Founders Launchpad event in collaboration with Etherea-coworking as we believe in the power of women entrepreneurship to drive innovation and change”, said Rakhee Singal, this event is a celebration of women leaders who are shaping the future of business and technology. 

‘’SHE Founders is a game-changing platform for women entrepreneurs, offering a user-friendly app that serves as a Networking Hub to connect with fellow founders, mentors, and experts’’, said Shivani Singh. We urge you to share your successes, challenges, and triumphs with the SHE Founders community that understands and celebrates your journey.

SHE Founders serves as a dynamic Resource Center, offering tailored tools and educational content. Entrepreneurs can also leverage it as a Visibility Platform to showcase their businesses and achievements to unlock new opportunities . Moreover, it provides robust Community Support, fostering vibrant forums where entrepreneurs can seek advice and share experiences

The event featured keynote addresses from renowned speakers from diverse backgrounds and industries shared their insights, experiences and strategies for success in entrepreneurship. 

The world’s biggest challenges can be solved far quickly, decisively and sustainable if we unleash the latent feminine energy by offering women entrepreneurs and leaders an equitable playing field. Its high time we do so. For all our sake, said Shilpa Ajwani, Founder & CEO Unomantra, Founder SHEmantra 

Women make great entrepreneurs but usually unable to leverage their support system to its best potential. I congratulate She Founders on its successful launch and their mission to bridge this gap, said Varija bajaj, Founder, Varija lifestyles, Varija home and Varija life.

Startups should ask themselves whether they are here to sell a product or make a brand. Selling a product is far easier than building a brand, but then it is also far easier to be replaced with lower loyalties. They need to ask themselves whether they are here for a sprint or a marathon? And whether they are here to achieve numbers or make the business profitable.

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