CEO GMDA conducts pre-monsoon inspection; visits flood hot-spots

- Issued directives to concerned departments to resolve bottle-necks and expedite remedial measures to be taken ahead of the monsoon

Gurugram, 25 June 2024: Taking stock of the ongoing flood relief measures being undertaken in the city; the Chief Executive Officer, Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA), Shri A. Sreenivas today conducted a pre-monsoon inspection of the flood-prone locations of Gurugram. He gave directions to the officers of GMDA and NHAI present in the visit to ensure timely completion of all pertinent works before the onset of monsoon to curb urban flooding.

The locations inspected today to assess the flood management preparedness at these sites included the Ambiance Mall Underpass, Old Delhi Road, Rajiv Chowk and Narsinghpur. 

“Specific areas of concern which are prone to recurrent flooding during the rainy season are being mapped by all the concerned local civic bodies and remedial solutions are being implemented for improved flood management in these hot-spots,” said CEO GMDA.

CEO GMDA directed that resource allocation via deployment of adequate pumping machinery, manpower and operators must be taken up on priority at critical locations to facilitate quick redressal of any flood related issue. Furthermore, all the departments are to coordinate and work in a collaborative manner to resolve any bottle-necks or hindrances and to accelerate the ongoing works. 

During the visit to Narsinghpur, it was submitted by GMDA officers that a total of ten no. pump sets have been jointly installed by NHAI and GMDA at Narsinghpur, which being a low-lying area is prone to flooding during the period of heavy rainfall. CEO GMDA instructed the team to ensure that the pumping machinery is working to its full capacity and additional pump-sets may also be arranged as back-up when required.

He also directed the NHAI officials to remove the concrete slab constructed on a portion of the drain length on NH-48, in order to ensure quick disposal of storm water from the main carriage-way. 

To curb any incidence of waterlogging in and near the Ambiance Mall Underpass and to facilitate quick discharge of storm water, the creation of pond on the vacant and depressed land portion adjacent to the underpass was deliberated, wherein the storm water can be pumped out using adequate pumping machinery. 

CEO GMDA also visited the Old Delhi Road and instructed the concerned officers that cleaning of the culvert at Leg 1 drain be carried out to facilitate speedy outflow of storm water and to keep the arterial roads free of waterlogging.

He emphasized that cleaning of the city drains must be taken up by the respective departments on priority to prevent blockages and ensure that rain water flows smoothly through the drainage systems during the monsoon in Gurugram. 

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