GMDA floats the tender for installation of speed limit signboards on all its arterial roads in Gurugram

-The work will be executed as per the directions of DRSC, Gurugram in GMDA Area

-Speed limits have been stipulated by Regional Transport Authority to enhance road safety

Gurugram, 10 June 2024: The Gurugram Metropolitan development Authority (GMDA) will soon take up the installation of speed limit signboards on all GMDA master sector roads in Gurugram.  The bids for the work have been invited by the Authority. The work will be executed at a cost of Rs 5.42 crores and the period of completion is six months after the work allotment to the agency.

The project is being executed as per the directions earlier issued by the District Road Safety Committee. The speed limit for all the city roads has been stipulated by the Regional Transport Authority. 

In the given scope of work, approximately 1920 signboards made of stainless steel will be installed at a distance of approximately 300-500 meters from each other on the master sector roads of GMDA. Speed limits for both heavy and light vehicles will be displayed on the signboard. 

“The District road Safety Committee had set the mandate that the permissible speed limits of individual arterial roads must be displayed for the knowledge and awareness of the commuters. The speed limits have been defined by the Regional Transport Authority and GMDA will now proceed with the installation of these signboards on all GMDA roads,” said Shri R.D. Singhal, General Manager, Mobility Division, GMDA.

The provision of the signboards will help commuters to be aware of the acceptable speed limit. Additionally, it will also support the traffic police department in detecting violations of over-speeding. The speed limits have been set keeping in mind the road infrastructure and vehicular movement to ensure safe driving on the city roads.

GMDA is also implementing speed calming measures on various city roads by installing thermoplastic rumble strips in various underpasses in the city where high speed movement of vehicles are being detected. The installation of these speed limit sign boards will further act as a deterrent towards rash and high-speed driving in the city.

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