Sewerage network of sectors 58-76 to be made functional; GMDA allots the work for laying balance master sewer lines in Sectors 58-76, up to STP Behrampur

Gurugram। Rekha Vaishnav: To strengthen the sewer network in the new sectors of Gurugram, the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) will take up the work of laying the balance sewer network in sectors 58 to 76.  The work has now been allotted to the agency and will soon be underway.

Under this project, almost 8 KMs of sewer lines will be laid along the balance portions where the sewer network is not presently existing in these sectors. 

RCC pipelines of varying sizes varying from 500 mm to 2000 mm will be laid along the sector dividing roads of 70/71, 71/73, 74/75, 70/75, 73/74, 73/72A, 75/75A, 71/72 and along sector 76. Once the balance sewer lines are laid, the complete sewer network in sectors 58-76 will be complete.  

The newly laid sewer network will be connected with the 170 MLD capacity STP Behrampur where the treatment of the sewage discharge of these sectors will be carried out. On completion of this work, the newly laid sewer network will address the sewage treatment concerns of the residents inhabiting in these sectors. 

“The provision and laying of sewer lines in these sectors will be of huge benefit to the citizens and support in proper channelization and treatment of the waste generated in this zone,” said Shri Parveen Kumar, Executive Engineer, GMDA.

The work will be executed at a cost of Rs 28.45 crores and the duration for completion of the work is 18 months. 

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