Sukoon’ comes from God knowledge, acceptance and peaceful co-existence

 Sukoon’ comes from God knowledge, acceptance and peaceful co-existence

Gurugram, 15 May 2024.

With the divine grace of Sadguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, the Nirankari English Medium Sant Samagam of Gurugram Sector of Nirankari Mission was held last Saturday evening at Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Ghamroj, Gurugram. Such Samagam are organized by Nirankari Mission from time to time to spread public awareness and the message of truth and universal brotherhood.

The theme of the Samagam was 'Sukoon' which means 'peace within'. Such holy Samagam is mainly attended by the youth and English medium is extensively used by all the participants. In which there is also some mixture of Hindi or local language. Its purpose is to enable the youth to spread the message of the Mission in English.  This holy gathering was graced by Reverent Advocate Shweta Kapoor Ji, who graced the stage to deliver the message of Satguru from Safdarjung, Delhi.

In her address, Reverent Shweta Kapoor Ji spoke at length about the pursuit and maintenance of ‘Sukoon’, highlighting the importance of God knowledge, conflict management, tolerance of differing views, acceptance, the art of letting go, and peaceful coexistence.

The atmosphere of the English medium Sant Samagam resonated with divine energy and the enthusiasm of the youth. Reflecting on the event, Reverent Shweta Kapoor Ji said that every aspect of the Samagam was very well organised, and all the Sants gave more than their 100 percent. This was clearly visible in the spirit of the Samagam from beginning to end. She praised the beautiful gathering of young spiritual speakers at the Samagam.  In short, the Nirankari English Medium Sant Samagam of Gurugram Sector served as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment through divine wisdom, promoting love, unity, peace and understanding amongst all. It was a wonderful and beautiful, truly divine experience to be a part of such a holy gathering.

She congratulated Sadh Sangat Gurugram for their remarkable efforts in organizing the Samagam. He highlighted the challenges faced due to a severe dust storm the previous evening which disrupted the arrangements.  Despite this hindrance, the sevadars rendered commendable service in promptly restoring all arrangements.

The Samagam witnessed discourses by the young saints on the theme “Inner Peace”. These included ‘Acceptance’, ‘Equanimity’, ‘Freedom from Desires’, ‘Humility’ and ‘Surrender’. Devotional group songs in English and Hindi along with words from the holy scriptures Hardev Bani and Avtar Bani added to the spiritual fervour. The discourses were interspersed with video clippings of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj cautioning the youth about the ill-effects of addiction, especially drugs. Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj’s message on how gratitude promotes inner peace. The anthem of Nirankari Youth Seminar Haryana highlighted the efforts of the Satguru in leading the youth to the Truth.

 At the Kavi Darbar, young poets read out their poems on 'Sukoon' in English, Hindi and Haryanvi languages.

Sister Navroop Nirankari Ji, Shri Joginder Manchanda Ji (Executive Member, Sant Nirankari Mandal), SPS Dalal Ji also addressed the English Language Sant Samagam. Rajwant Gill Ji (Mukhi, Ghamroj) thanked the Sangat who had come from far and wide.

Gratitude expressed to the young Sants for their enthusiastic participation and excellent presentations and expressed gratitude to Satguru for His divine grace. Acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of Government officials, Toll Plaza, Local Administration, Sevadars and Sadh Sangat with deep gratitude to Satguru.

The Samagam concluded with Satguru's Langar, which promoted the spirit of service, equality, harmony and unity.

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